Meet Our  Kaia Girl: Anndora Lee Of Kaia Fit San Rafael

Meet Our Kaia Girl: Anndora Lee Of Kaia Fit San Rafael

Our results are something we take a lot of pride in because we work hard on our fitness programs and nutrition guidance to ensure our girls see results. And our Kaia Girls have even more pride in their results because they held faith in Kaia FIT and they accomplished things they, sometimes, didn't think they could achieve. 

Stories' like Anndora are EXACTLY why we do what we do. We strive to make sure that our girls are getting everything they need to build strong bodies and powerful minds.

We are truly STRONGER TOGETHER that is why so many of our Kaia Girls will tell you that the community of women surrounding them have contributed to their successes and kept them smashing their goals time and again. You will always see us celebrating and supporting one another because YOU are amazing.


This Month's Kaia Girl is Andora Lee of San Rafael:

"Since my first BRIK with KaiaFIT San Rafael, I have lost 23.9lbs. Gained 2.2lbs of lean mass & lost 28.8lbs of FAT and over 12 inches!"

As far back as I could remember, I’ve always thought of myself as smart, chubby but athletic like and strong.  I was never the last one picked in gym class but that fitness stuff was never easy. Remember, those Presidential Fitness tests we did in grammar school and junior high?  Yeah, I hated it and always scored near the lower percentiles for running and the flex arm hang/chin-ups but if you needed to lift and move stuff, I was your girl

As an adult, I joined gyms and various weight loss plans (from boxed foods to points and everything in between).  I could lift as heavy, if not heavier, than most of the boys but could never get rid of the fat.  I would lose weight but the foods I was eating could not support the way I was working out, I was always ravenous and out of points.  It didn’t click back then how nutrition and exercise were supposed to work together. 
Fast forward to 2013, when I was looking for the latest fitness “thing” to lose weight…again; I had tried CrossFit but the boxes I tried weren’t a good fit for me.  I hired a personal trainer but wasn’t seeing results for what I was paying.  I came upon a Yelp review for something called Kaia FIT – a women’s fitness program.   The reviews were outstanding.  I figured what the heck, what have I got to lose?  I made arrangements to try a free workout.  Boy, were those workouts intense but amazingly fun.  I had sore muscles everywhere but I signed up immediately.  That whole nutrition and exercise thing clicked.  Finally.    

In 2014, my work schedule changed and I could no longer attend the classes at the location I had signed up with.  I decided to try another boot camp/cross-training gym.  It was pricier than Kaia but was closer to home and the schedule worked with mine.  I had some initial success but I didn’t feel I was getting the results I had at Kaia.  This was a co-ed boot camp and sometimes it felt like a dating scene that a gym.  

In mid-2015, I learned Kaia FIT had just opened in Downtown San Rafael.  Yippee!  I couldn’t wait to become a Kaia Girl again.  The rest, they say, is history.   I went from couch potato to Kaia Girl to Kaia Coach. 

So, why do Kaia  It’s not just because the workouts are challenging or because of the fantastic coaching staff.   I Kaia because Kaia FIT is the whole package AND it works.  It combines HIIT, fun, nutrition with unconditional support from the Coaches to the other Kaia Girls.  There’s just something special about the synergy that Kaia fosters.  

We are a tribe…a sisterhood.  We are women supporting other women in their quest to be stronger, happier, fitter and healthier people.  It doesn’t matter if you’re literally rolling out of bed to make it to a 5 am class if your ponytail is crooked BEFORE the workout begins or if your belly pokes out from under your shirt…all that we care about is you showing up and giving it your all.  

I believe pictures are worth a thousand words…Kaia FIT has literally changed me from the inside out.   It’s true, magic happens outside of your comfort zone! 

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