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Womens Fitness in Roseville at Kaia FIT

Welcome to Kaia FIT, your Roseville source of womens fitness programs, womens boot camps, Kaia FIT nutrition programs, and more. We offer personal training in a group environment because we believe in the power of working together as a team to achieve your goals. At Kaia FIT, we focus on the most important aspect of overall health: nutrition, fitness, and results. We emphasize these elements to promote progression, proper form, muscle confusion, and expert nutritional guidance so that you can reach your goals starting from where you are right now. 

We design our workouts with that concept in mind: the way exercise and nutrition work together to help you achieve optimal health and well-being. Our group fitness classes include barre classes, Yoga-Pilates, cross-training classes, RUN, and a TRX workout program in addition to our three-times-yearly BRIK womens boot camps. No two classes are alike; you’ll find a new challenge every time you come to Kaia FIT to keep your workouts fresh and exciting. 

Things to Do in Roseville

The next time you’re off work and looking for something fun to do, why not make it something that helps you stay fit? There are many ways to stay active in Roseville – for example:

  • Bounce U. This is a great activity to participate in with the kids! Look for an Open Bounce session for all ages and get ready for a serious workout that’s also serious fun. They also have fun events such as Cosmic Glow-in-the-Dark Bounce and birthday parties, too. 
  • Roller King. Another kid-friendly establishment, Roller King offers a super fun way to stay in shape. In fact, roller skating can burn hundreds of calories per hour. Check the schedule for public skating hours and get ready to lace up and have a blast. 
  • Miners Ravine Trail Loop. When the weather is irresistible, take your fun outdoors at the Miners Ravine Trail Loop. Bring your skates, bicycle, or just your shoes and enjoy the 7.5 miles of scenic paved trail. 

Discover Motivation, Strength, and Confidence at Kaia FIT

At Kaia FIT, our fitness programs for women are a combination of cardio workout classes, strength training, and nutritional education. You will work out with motivating and inspirational trainers and other women all working toward similar goals and helping you stay on track. The purpose of Kaia FIT is to offer effective training that helps you build endurance and lean muscle mass, burn fat, and learn about proper nutrition so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle 24/7 – even when you aren’t at the gym. Contact Kaia FIT today to book your first session. 


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